The smallest and lightest tuning keys.

They are available to use for guitar, ukulele, or other stringed instruments that have string tension of less than 20kgs.(44 lbs.).

Contributes to the possibility of musical instrument design.

The smallest size and lightest weight.

  • The smallest housing
    8.5mm (.340”) x 21mm (.830”) x 4.5mm (.18”).
  • It is 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of ordinary guitar machine heads. The original buttons are available in aluminum or resin. Weight is 11 grams (.026 lb.) each with aluminum buttons and post.

High precision

  • The gear ratio is 18:1 with micro worm gear inside for smooth tuning.
  • Super mini scale and stability is possible because of high precision and micron machining process.
  • Equipped with metal bearing and washer in the operational parts results in very smooth action in spite of the small size.


  • Available for use on electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, etc. by changing the shaft and button.
    (String tension must be less than 20kgs. (44 lbs.).
  • Another option is to have the string post come out the side on which the GOTOH logo is stamped, for mounting on the face of the headstock. A shorter post is available for this use. When using the key in this style, string tension must be less than 10kgs (22 lbs).
  • There is a wide variety of new possibilities on instruments because of the previous limitations imposed by ordinary keys. For example: by recessing in the headstock; mounting on the face or side of the headstock.
  • It will be easier to adjust the balance of the instrument with the lighter tuning keys. Also, the lower weight is easier on the musician.
  • The housing is in dignified satin black and all other parts are finished in chrome, gold or black.
  • Using a sure-lock mechanism for the torque adjusting screw that is made to last.
  • The materials of the working components are – stainless steel, aluminum and brass, which are very durable and resistant to rust.


  • Reduce : It is important to reduce the use of raw materials for the global environment. The STEALTH keys have reduced the material to 1/2 ~ 1/3 from ordinary keys.
  • Recycle : We feel it is necessary to recycle resources for the protection of the environment. All the main parts used for the STEALTH keys are composed of recyclable resources.